JULY 26-28, 2022

// Tekka Place, Experience
Centre, 2 Serangoon Road,
Singapore 218227

Join us on 26-28 July for 3 days of keynote speeches, debates and sharing workshops as iconic speakers and industry leaders share their insights into current web3 topics and the future of the space.


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1000 - 1045
Web 3: Where Are We Now
MetaJam Asia
1045 - 1130
Klaytn NFTs: Past, Present, and Future
Sangmin Seo, Chief Klaytn Officer
1130 - 1215
The NFT Phenomenon
Zach Burks, Founder and CEO, Mintable
1400 - 1445
How NFTs Are Revolutionizing the Music, Real Estate and the Creative Industry
Kenneth Koh, CEO, Tezarekt
Dharni, Chief Commercial Officer, Tezarekt
Alvin Lim, Head of Community, ARC
Joel L., Contributor, CitaDAO
1445 - 1530
Navigating The Risks Associated With NFTs
Nicholas Lauw, Partner, Rajah and Tann Singapore LLP
Luke Loo, NFT Lead, Polygon
1530 - 1615
What We Learnt Launching NFT Projects
Thomas Soh, Business Development Lead, GRAYCRAFT
1615 - 1700
Marketing and Community Building: Setting Your Project Up for Success
Speicherx, Growth, Coinhall
2DVamp, Co-Founder, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate
Alan Kueh, Founder, Memotics (E-Memotics Pte Ltd)
1000 - 1030
The Salad Playbook : Growth Hacking A 9-Figure Web3 Project
Felix Sim, Co-Founder & Project Lead, Salad Ventures
1030 - 1100
The Present and Future of the Metaverse
Yifei Shi, Director of Gaming Partnerships, Klaytn Foundation
Nickson Guay, Co-Founder & President, Metanoia Country
Shannon Soh, Community & Operations Success, Ome NFT
1100 - 1130
Using NFTs for Customer Loyalty and Engagement
Michael Kim, Co-founder, Adgorithmics
1130 - 1215
Play To Earn: The Future of Gaming
Felix Sim, Co-Founder & Project Lead, Salad Ventures
Akbar Ali Seth, Content Creator, @thebuffessor
Samson Oh, CEO, GosuGamers
1400 - 1445
Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 - Creating a Bridge for Traditional Companies
Vitaliy Nechaev, Head of Metaverse, VOSTOK VR
1445 - 1530
Why Venture Funds Are Rushing Into The World Of Crypto
Derek Lim, Head of Research, Spartan Labs
Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director, BNB Chain
Ben Wee, Vice President, Capital
1530 - 1615
GameFi's Potential: Where Will the Next 10 Million Users Come From?
Prakash Somosundram, CEO and Co-Founder, Enjinstarter
Alfonso 'Cholo' Maputol, CEO / Co-Founder, Play It Forward
Francois Zhang, CAIA FRM, Investment Director, Arcane Group
1615 - 1700
What's Stopping People from Entering DeFi
Darius Sit, Co-Founder, QCP Capital
Edward Tan, Investor, Hashed
Kimberley Chang, BA, Algorand Foundation
1045 - 1130
Web3 Influencers and Their Foray into Crypto
Jaze Phua, @jazephua
Tammy Tay, @ohsofickle
Patrine Choo, @patrinechoo
Jon Chua, @jonchuajx
1130 - 1215
Women in Web3: Shaping the Future of the Industry
Irene Zhao, Co-Founder, SO-COL
Nicole Yap, Founder, 8SIAN
Evelina Lye, Founding Member, UNTAM3D
Amelia Tan, Project Lead, The Tiger Archives
1400 - 1445
Advances in Regulation in Crypto
Sagar Malhotra, Director, Regulatory Compliance and Law Enforcement, Chainalysis
Rich Teo, Co-Founder, CEO Asia at Paxos
Hao Wang, Managing Director, IDEG
Travis Teo, Head of Business Development, Tokenize Xchange
1445 - 1530
Using Data and Analytical Tools to Identify Opportunities and Threats
Alex Svanevik, CEO, Nansen
Nicholas Chen, CEO, SolanaFM
Dan Tran, Head of Business, NFTGo
1530 - 1615
Onboarding the Next Wave of Web3 Users
Sharon Lourdes Paul, Co-Founder, Headquarters (
Daniel Lee, Former Head of Business and Listing, DBS Digital Exchange
Wang Ying Jie, Country Marketing & Business Development Manager, Luno
Chanel Lee, Founder, Tasty Toastys
1615 - 1645
Developing on the Blockchain: How Different Is It?
Eugene Yeo, CTO, Hyperscal Solutions Pte. Ltd.
Marouen Zelleg, Director, Consensys
Spencer Yang, CEO, Gomu
1645 - 1730
How can Businesses Use Web 3.0 Technology to Gain a Competitive Edge?
Eugene Yeo, CTO, Hyperscal Solutions Pte. Ltd.
Marouen Zelleg, Director, Consensys
Jack Niewold, Founder, Crypto Pragmatist


Director, Consensys

Marouen Zelleg

ConsenSys is the leading Ethereum software company. Enabling developers, enterprises, and people worldwide to build next-generation applications, launch modern financial infrastructure, and access the decentralized web. Starting as an engineer, Marouen grew into a strategic customer advisor and team leader by delivering numerous transformational projects across Asia Pacific and the US.

Marouen’s passion for problem solving and continuous improvement drives him to challenge the status-quo to create a better version of his customers' business, his team and our society.

Founder, Crypto Pragmatist

Jack Niewold

With years of experience in marketing, finance, cryptocurrencies, and email outreach, I combined my skillset to found Now I spend my days researching financial models and analyses around cryptocurrency altcoins.
Co-Founder, SO-COL

Irene Zhao

Irene Zhao is the co-founder of SO-COL, a community management platform that leverages NFTs, where she heads investment and marketing. She has been in the creator economy for 6 years and has amassed over half a million of followers across all platforms. With SO-COL, she aims to disrupt the creator economy and empower more creators with web3 tech. She is also a notable female thought leader in the web3 social sphere.
Co-Founder, QCP Capital

Darius Sit

People outside the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry would find Darius Sit as an unfamiliar face. Inside crypto circles however, the 33-year-old is seen as the godfather of crypto trading in Singapore.

His company, QCP Capital, which was founded in 2017, is now one of the world’s largest crypto trading companies with over US$1.5 billion in assets deployed.

On top of that, QCP, through its venture arm QSN, is an early investor in many blockchain companies including Axie Infinity, FTX, Synthetix, AAVE (ETHLend), YFI, Deribit, Avalanche, DYDX, Algorand, Tokocrypto, and Nansen AI — all of which have now grown into global powerhouses in the crypto industry.

CEO, Nansen

Alex Svanevik

Born in Norway, Alex was trained in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and he has worked across Europe in data science and consulting. In 2017, he discovered Ethereum and became obsessed with cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Alex then went on to build Nansen. Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform, which combines on-chain data with a massive and constantly growing database containing millions of wallet labels.

Founder and CEO, Mintable

Zach Burks

Zach Burks is a blockchain developer who's been in the blockchain space since 2012. Zach fell in love with NFTs when they were just created and has since built many things related to NFTs that improved the entire ecosystem. In 2018, he founded Mintable, a next-generation NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum & Zilliqa blockchain for buying/selling/creating NFTs. Mintable has since helped over 200,000 creators monetize their work via NFTs.
Co-founder, Headquarters (

Sharon Lourdes Paul

Sharon Lourdes Paul is the Co-founder and CEO of Headquarters,, a back-office platform for Web3 teams. The goal of Headquarters is to enable Web3 teams to operate efficiently and compliantly. Sharon was also most recently the Head of Payments at Xfers and founding member of StraitsX.
Former Head of Business and Listing, DBS Digital Exchange

Daniel Lee

I left DBS in Dec 2021 after 22 years of service to set up a Digital Asset Custody and Prime Services Business. I was the Head of Business and Listing for the DBS Digital Exchange and was in the founding team working on this project since 2018. I was also involved in other blockchain related projects within the DBS Group including being part of the team that set-up Climate Impact X. I am currently working setting up a digital asset custody and prime brokerage firm in two jurisdictions in Europe.

Prior to the DBS Digital Exchange, I was the Executive Director and Head of Electronic Trading servicing intermediaries (broker-clients), digital exchanges, high frequency traders and market makers in the electronic trading space. I have experience in dealing with various regulators and exchanges across the region. I was also responsible for the ETF business. My previous roles in DBS include Research Compliance and also Project Manager for the implementation of a Trading System and FIX order routing infrastructure. I speak regularly in conferences / forums / seminars on electronic trading, fintech, cryptocurrencies and FIX order routing. I was also involved in many corporate finance related deals and placements (including internal integration and joint-ventures in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK and Korea).

Prior to joining DBS Securities in 1999, I worked in equity sales, sales trading and research with WI Carr. Before that, I was doing research and was a Data Analysis Tutor at the University of Cambridge. I have an MBA, an LLM in Commercial Law and a First Class Honours degree in Psychology. My MBA studies was sponsored by DBS Securities, while my LLM programme was sponsored by DBS Vickers Securities.

CEO, Gomu

Spencer Yang

I build and invest in tech startups. I’m building to enable companies, developers to build native experiences in Web3 with a simple unified API and SDK.

I focused on Product at Coinbase, specifically Retail Derivatives, DEX, Securities and Wallet. Led Wallet /Web3 in surge efforts in Q4 2021 before embarking on a new journey at Gomu.

I led growth, revenue, and operations at CoinMarketCap. Navigated the acquisition by Binance for CoinMarketCap. Founded two companies that were acquired - Hashtag Capital and KeyReply.

Broad entrepreneurial experience spanning across blockchain and cryptocurrencies (Coinbase, Binance, CoinMarketCap, Hashtag Capital, Cobo, Unikrn), advertising technology (CryptoAudiences, Twitter) and artificial intelligence / SAAS (KeyReply, Zeroth.AI).

Head of Metaverse, VOSTOK VR

Vitaliy Nechaev

Vitaliy is an award-winning Technopreneur and founder of Vostok VR & Vostok AI.

He has 15+ years of experience in media production and immersive technologies (AR/VR/Metaverse). Living in Singapore since 2012. Started his company expansion in Middle East region (UAE and Saudi Arabia) in 2021.
While doing due diligence and assessing the potential of these web3 projects, he finds opportunities for possible strategic collaborations.

In the last few months, strategic partnerships have been formed in countries including Singapore, the USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, and Hong Kong.

Investment Director, BNB Chain

Gwendolyn Regina

Gwendolyn has spent 16 years living in the worlds of media and technology across Asia Pacific, Paris, and Silicon Valley.

She currently leads investments at BNB Chain Fund.

Just before that, she was an intrapreneur at Facebook (now Meta) building up a new business unit of venture capital partnerships and startup growth.

Head of Research, Spartan Labs

Derek Lim

Prior to joining Spartan Group, Derek was the Head of Crypto Insights at Bybit, a top cryptocurrency exchange. There, he led a team of research analysts to produce reports ranging from on-chain analyses, market outlook, thesis validation and deep dives (into the various issues within the space) both for internal consumption and as external thought-leadership articles. Derek’s research team also supported BitDAO and Mirana Ventures, Bybit’s Venture arm, in various capacities too. On the side, Derek is also a freelance Crypto Journalist at Tech in Asia, one of the largest tech publications within the region.

Derek holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Sociology) from the National University of Singapore (NUS). His expertise in and love for Sociology has helped him to thrive within the web3 space as he is able to conceive of the various blockchain ecosystems within the space as microcosms of the larger societies that we live in. He is passionate about concepts like governance (voting schemes), consensus, and — as flawed as it currently is — the concept of decentralization.

Founding Member @ UNTAM3D

Evelina Lye

Evelina leads the marketing efforts for the Meta Content Partnerships team across Asia-Pacific. Her team works with the largest Influencer, Public Figures, Creators, Media and News outlets across Instagram and Facebook to ensure Meta’s top content partners are engaging with their communities and reaching their audiences around the world on Meta’s platforms every day.

Evelina is passionate about Web3 and the new skills and technology needed to build the next generation of the internet. In early 2022 she came together with five other female leaders in the tech space to create UNTAM3D, a Web3 Women and Non-Binary Community, created to decode the world of web3 for women+ enabling their growth and igniting their potential. UNTAM3D has a passionate and growing community following with over 1000k members to date. UNTAM3D hosts monthly events, meet-ups, trainings and has a bi-monthly newsletter.

Evelina was a past founding member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Innovation Committee to help support the association’s vision to propel Singapore in its drive to become a global hub of innovation and was a past board advisor for Ad:Tech Asia.

Evelina’s professional experience spans across the UK, Asia, and Australia and prior to working at Meta Evelina has worked for some of the World's most recognised Digital and Creative global agencies and networks including WPP, Publicis and Omnicom Media Group.

Professional highlights include:
Speaking at SXSW on Rising Tech in Asia
Awarded as one of Asia's most influential marketer's by The World CSR Congress
Authoring a trend report on influencing China’s Digital Female demographic
Founding a consumer brand of yoga and music events partnering with The iLight Festival

Chief Klaytn Officer

Sangmin Seo

Dr. Sangmin Seo is the Director of Klaytn Foundation, a non-profit organization that was established to accelerate global adoption and ecosystem maturity on the Klaytn blockchain, and also Chief Klaytn Officer (CKO) at Krust Universe where he is leading the development and operation of the Klaytn blockchain.

Before joining Klaytn Foundation and Krust Universe, Dr. Seo was CTO at GroundX, a blockchain subsidiary of the leading South Korean mobile platform company, Kakao. Prior to that, he worked as an assistant computer scientist at Argonne National Laboratory and as a senior engineer at Samsung Research.

He received his B.S. degree in computer science and engineering and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Seoul National University, respectively. He has authored numerous papers on parallel programming and high-performance computing. His technical interests include blockchains, high-performance computing, parallel programming models, compilers, and runtime systems.

Director of Gaming Partnerships, Klaytn Foundation

Yifei Shi

Yifei is currently the Director of Gaming Partnerships at Klaytn Foundation. With extensive experience in the gaming industry from global publishing to marketing and partnerships, she now leads the global expansion of Klaytn's gaming partnership ecosystem. Prior to joining Klaytn, Yifei was with Twitter helping gaming titans gain global presence. Yifei holds a Master's Degree from Harvard University and a Bachelor's Degree from Fudan University.
Investor, Hashed

Edward Tan

Edward (aka @cptn3mox) is an Investor and Researcher at Hashed. Hashed is a South Korean fund with >200 portfolio companies, and Edward focuses on covering Web 3 developments in Southeast Asia. He also spends time writing about and keeping a close relationship with portfolio companies in the region.

Edward covers research and due diligence on a variety of crypto verticals – spanning from DeFi and NFTs to Infrastructure & DApp Aggregators. He writes regularly on his Medium page and posts short-form content on his Twitter profile.

Prior to crypto, Edward was in real estate private equity and graduated from the London School of Economics with a First-Class Honours in Accounting & Finance. In his free time, Edward is an avid fan of NLH Poker and discussing tokenomics with aspiring founders.

General Partner & Chief Operating Officer, LongHash Ventures

Wei Shi Khai

Wei Shi Khai is the General Partner and Chief Operations Officer at LongHash Ventures. In 2021, Shi Khai was awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 in recognition for his achievements. He was previously a management consultant at McKinsey, with a focus on digital transformation and analytics across the financial and telecommunications sector in Southeast Asia. Shi Khai holds a Bachelor of Science from Imperial College London.
Country Marketing & Business Development Manager, Luno

Wang Ying Jie

Luno is a leading global cryptocurrency app that makes it simple, easy and safe for anyone to buy, sell, earn and learn about Cryptocurrency. Since 2013, Luno has made investing in cryptocurrency simpler for more than 10 million customers in 40 countries across US, UK, Africa and APAC.

Ying Jie’s experience spans across various retail-facing tech industries including e-commerce, superapps, fintech.

Co-Founder, WOW Pixies DAO

Lily Wu

I'm a curious learner, entrepreneurial thinker & resourceful individual, heavily involved in the SEA startup space and passionate in solving real world problems.

Growing up in an artistic family, I always thought I was going to become a graphic designer or animator. I had no knowledge or interest in business until I discovered entrepreneurship when I was 16 years old.

By the time I finished high school, I ended up making half a million dollars selling shoes.

Even though I stopped selling shoes, this experience taught me a few things. It taught me that entrepreneurial thinking is really just about solving problems and it’s an adaptive skill I use whether or not I’m working for myself or for someone else.

Most of all, it gave me the self assurance that I could pick opportunities according to my most important values rather than for money or prestige. These values are Curiosity, Adventure, Creativity, Relationships and Freedom.

In university, I started my second business, Austern International where as a 19 year old, my business partner and I's vision was to develop the next generation of Millennial Leaders and entrepreneurial thinkers. From our founding in 2014, we launched intensive Career Bootcamps into 6 global cities like New York, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne with global companies.

I led Austern to generate over 7 figures in revenue, where over 1,000 students had been through our programs primarily from Australia, US, UK, and Canada.

After deciding that I wanted more opportunity to learn from others, grow and challenge myself, I joined NewCampus, a VC-backed edutech startup, building the world's first accessible MBA, first as their Singaporean Country Manager and then to their Head of Learning.

Since then, I have now joined Stripe to be on the other side of the table, working with startups across South East Asia to build out the startup ecosystem and bring more digital infrastructure to the region.

Founder, Tasty Toastys

Chanel Lee

Chanel is the Founder of Tasty Toastys, a limited edition generative NFT collection and the first digital product line from Toasty, a character merchandising and licensing brand designed to exist both online and offline mediums.

Before venturing into NFTs & Web3, she has had a wide portfolio of experiences in global brand building & business development, across tech & lifestyle industries. This included running partnerships & sales in B2B SaaS (marketing & enterprise automation solutions), being Marketing Director for a Billion-dollar Global Fitness Apparel & Footwear Brand, and also working in an economic department of Singapore’s government to develop the local economy, specialising in the Lifestyle & Retail sectors.

Director, Regulatory Compliance and Law Enforcement, Chainalysis

Sagar Malhotra

Sagar Malhotra is the Director of Regulatory Compliance and Law Enforcement at Chainalysis. In this role, Sagar facilitates dialogue with regulators and the industry on key policy issues within the cryptocurrency industry. In addition, he helps leading financial institutions strategize and build compliance programs in order to adopt cryptocurrencies and offer new products to their customers. Prior to Chainalysis, Sagar was Head of Compliance at a Japanese Crypto Exchange, Vice President of CFS AML Risk Management, Risk and Prevention at OCBC Bank and Associate Vice President, AML Compliance, Group Commercial Banking at Standard Chartered Bank.

Sagar has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from National University of Singapore, Singapore, a CAMS from ACAMS, USA and a Quality Leaders (Six Sigma) from OCBC Bank, Singapore.

CEO & Co-Founder, Enjinstarter

Prakash Somosundram

Prakash is a Singaporean Serial Entrepreneur.

He built his career in digital advertising and sold his company Yolk to WPP in 2011 and became part of Grey Advertising and Prakash played a role in building the business in ASEAN.
Following his exit from the agency world in 2014 he became active in the start up ecosystem by helping companies with fund raising and exits.

Notably in 2016 he brought a collective companies known as the “The Marketing Group (TMG)” to be listed in NASDAQ Sweden and he served on the board for one year.

He has been active in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies since 2016 has been involved in various aspects including project development, acceleration and investment.

Prakash is currently the CEO & Cofounder of Enjinstarter, a launchpad focused on Blockchain Gaming and Metaverses. He led the team to raise USD$5.5M in both Private and Public sales and launched the business in early October 2021 and have since completed more than 30 IDO projects on their platform. Notable projects that Enjinstarter have invested and accelerated on their platform include Defina, The Killbox and PathDAO. These projects have delivered between 24X to 53X return on investments from their public IDO launch price.

Prakash has also been actively involved in Start-up Ecosystem development in Singapore for more than a decade including his role as Vice Chairman of Action Community of Entrepreneurship from 2014 to 2017. He has also assisted various external government agencies in the set up of their market entry strategies into the Singapore and ASEAN ecosystem. This includes the Australian, Austrian and Dutch government agencies involved in start-up promotion.

In 2021, Prakash was awarded the Public Service Medal, Pingkat Bakti Masyarakat (PBM) for his voluntary contributions to the Singapore government

CEO, Gorilla Networks

Xanne Leo

Xanne Leo - Co-founder CEO Gorilla Networks / CTO Society Pass Incorporated

Xanne has 16 years of experience in the financial service industry in South East Asia. She specialises in corporate advisory and deal sourcing for cross border M&A and business growth. Her healthcare startup was one of the Top 5 finalists on Channel News Asia Startup Season 3 that was aired across Asia in 2016. She brings invaluable insights and leadership to the team in the consumer technology space.

Gorilla Networks, under the leadership of Xanne, has recently completed an acquisition process under Society Pass Inc, a NASDAQ listed company that specialises in the next generation loyalty and data-focused marketing platform in Southeast Asia and South Asia.
In addition, Xanne also serves as the CTO of Society Pass, in which she seeks to revolutionise the technology stack of Society Pass to be Blockchain ready in the pursuit of future-building a Meta Economy

Founder, 8SIAN

Nicole Yap

Nicole Yap is the Founder of 8SIAN | 25 Year Old Mother of Two | Serial Entrepreneur

8SIAN's main product is an NFT collection of 8888 beautiful, Asian women painstakingly-crafted where even the most intricate details are steeped in historical significance living in the Ethereum Blockchain.

8SIAN sold out in a few months with influential figures such as Steve Aoki and Matt Higgin's of Shark Tank purchasing 8SIAN NFT's. In less than 6 months, 8SIAN's trading volume is almost 10 Million USD worth of Ethereum.

The 8SIAN brand aims to represent Asia in the Web3 space whilst also empowering Asians to be proud of their heritage, culture and upbringing. We strive to share our experience of NFTs and educate individuals by giving them the knowledge they need to operate in this new and exciting space.

My role as the Founder of 8SIAN is Concept Development, Community Engagement, Public Relations, driving Innovation and Marketing.

Partner, Rajah and Tann Singapore LLP

Nicholas Lauw

Nicholas is a litigator who has for more than 10 years advised clients at the cutting edge of technology. His experience has not only enabled him to help clients in fighting complex information technology and intellectual property based disputes, but also in strategising on how best to obtain and protect their intellectual property rights.

The matters he has been involved in range from contractual disputes relating to software licensing, failed joint ventures involving the transfer of intellectual property, judicial site blocking for flagrantly infringing websites, and various patent, trade mark, copyright and registered design infringement cases. He also leads one of the only food regulatory practices in Singapore and has provided advice on food labelling and importation to various clients.

Co-Founder, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate


2DVamp has a history of managing communities and has been in the crypto space for almost a decade now. 2DVamp holds a Management role at SVS. He has a particularly 'memorable' voice, and heads up the community & public aspects of SVS.
CTO, Hyperscal Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Eugene Yeo

Eugene is a regular speaker at various executive level summits across the world, speaking at events such as Huawei Cloud Conference (China), Google Cloud Conference (Singapore), TM Forum (France), ConnectGov (Mongolia, Scotland) and many others. He is passionate about sharing technology advancements on topics such as blockchain, distributed cloud, network modernisation and agile methodologies.

He has over two decades of software development, infrastructure roll-out and executive management experience in the telecommunications and technology industries, as well as over 5 years of experience building enterprise blockchain projects.

He was formerly Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer at MyRepublic Group, a fast-growing triple-play operator with established markets in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. With over 8 years at MyRepublic, he led the development of a full-stack carrier grade BSS/OSS platform, as well as managed full P&L across the group. He was also pivotal in helping the company grow from $5m to over $150m in annual turnover. His leadership has won MyRepublic multiple accolades, including the RedHat Innovation Award and consumer choice awards across its markets. He was chosen as a finalist in TM Forum’s CIO of the Year award in 2019, ranking top 5 in the world amongst telco CIOs.

Prior to MyRepublic, he consulted for various organisations such as the Port of Singapore Authority, Essilor International, Dun & Bradstreet, helping them through their digitalisation and automation efforts.

He has a bachelor degree in Finance (magna cum laude) from Singapore Management University, and has a deep interest in ethical hacking. He is also a certified OSCP and OSWE, completing successfully the world's most respected certification for information security professionals.

Head of Business, NFTGo

Dan Tran

Co-Founder & CEO, DG Ventures

Samson Oh

A full-fledged entrepreneur and prominent figure in the esports and gaming industry with multiple setups across the SEA and European region.

In 2017, Samson co-founded Team Flash and turned them into one of the biggest esports organizations in the region with multiple championships.

He is also the CEO of the global esports media company named GosuGamers. GosuGamers has been one of the most recognized brands in the esports world since 2002. It is the official media partner of many global Brands such as MONTOON Games, IMG, etc. Additionally, he has also grown another media agency named MOT Games into one of the biggest in Vietnam.

Samson didn’t stop there. He continues to expand his empire with more companies in the gaming space. He founded Dynamite Games, D.G Ventures and Cargo Studio, which he believes will help the next generation of developers and gamers to fulfil their dreams. The studio has expanded to Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

His ultimate goal in assembling a range of companies that focus on different aspects of gaming is to build a self-supporting ecosystem that can support various talents in this field. He wants to build a community of people who have the same dreams in Southeast Asia starting in Singapore.

Co-Founder, Adgorithmics

Michael Kim

Michael is the co-founder of Adgorithmics, a company on a mission to help businesses grow into Web3 and the Metaverse. A veteran entrepreneur, Michael started his career as a developer at Salomon Brothers in New York in the 90’s.

Since then, Michael has worked in various technology and trading leadership roles at global investment banks with a key focus on trading automation. He was also the Managing Director of electronic trading for Merrill Lynch and Barclays Capital where he helped automate institutional stock trading using algorithms and machine learning. Michael brought that same trading automation technology into the world of commerce by replicating it for a self-service digital advertising. With the adoption of Web3, Michael and his team is focused on developing the technology for online and offline businesses to easily move into the world of Web3.

Co-Founder, CEO Asia, Paxos

Richmond Teo

Richmond Teo is the CEO of Asia and a co-founder of Paxos. With more than a decade of experience analyzing and investing in public and private financial technology companies, Rich has a strong understanding of market structure, stock and commodity exchanges and clearing corporations.

Prior to Paxos, he served as a Principal at Cedar Hill Capital Partners, overseeing the firm’s investments across the capital structure of various financial services institutions. He was also a Financial Analyst at Citi where he worked on mergers and acquisitions involving exchanges, trading technology, banks and brokers.

Rich received a BBA from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

CEO, SolanaFM

Nicholas Chen

Co-Founder & Project Lead, Salad Ventures

Felix Sim

Seasoned entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in traditional finance, including investment banking, hedge funds and consulting. Felix Sim currently leads the team at Salad Ventures in discovering new opportunities and backing projects that shape the future Work 3.0 ecosystem. Beyond the blockchain, via his virtual events company Get Out!, he has run more than 2,000 events for multi-national corporations.
Managing Director, IDEG

Hao Wang

Investment professional with hands-on experiences in the whole cycle of investment management: idea generation, research, risk allocation, portfolio construction, trading, and risk management.

Tri-lingual skills in English, Chinese and Japanese. Strong passion for alternative investment including crypto-assets, ESG, and hedge fund strategies.

Growth, Coinhall


Business Development Lead, GRAYCRAFT

Thomas Soh

BA - Ecosystem Funding, Algorand Foundation

Kimberley Chang

Ever-curious and all about innovating, brainstorming, conceptualizing brave new ideas.

I am all for technology transformation and enabling visionaries; to build and facilitate ideas that push creative boundaries and come to define the future generations' consumption of the world.

I also believe in the power of storytelling and work with Tech/FinTech/Blockchain startup companies on the side to craft exciting narratives including whitepapers and articles for their innovative projects.

Vice President, Capital

Ben Wee

Ben Wee is currently a Vice President at Capital, the US$500mm strategic investment arm of Prior to Capital, Ben was an Investment Banking Analyst in Citi's Asia Equity Capital Markets desk in Singapore - where he dealt with ECM, private capital, and SPAC transactions across Asia. Ben holds a BBA (Honours) from NUS Business School.
Head of Business Development, Tokenize Xchange

Travis Teo

I am intrigued by the intricacies of game theory and tokenomics design and strongly believe we are going through a paradigm shift where we transcend via the future of tokenization.

Come join us at Tokenize Xchange in our journey to bank the unbanked by giving everyone easy access to crypto!

Head of Community, ARC

Alvin Lim

100% geek who loves all things tech, Alvin is the consummate multi-hyphenate, having his fingers in different pies all at the same time. A pioneering blogger, marketer, content creator and community builder, Alvin sees himself as a curator – of all things intriguing, off-beat and mind-opening.

Being Head of Community at ARC – where community is the lynchpin for collaboration, Alvin’s role is varied, curating the community’s diversity, distilling its culture of collaboration and inspiring spontaneous connections.

CEO, Tezarekt

Kenneth Koh

Chief Commercial Officer, Tezarekt

Dharni Ng

CEO / Co-Founder, Play It Forward

Alfonso 'Cholo' Maputol

A fervent believer in the ability of gaming to transform and improve the human condition - mentally, emotionally, socially, and now financially with the advent of blockchain gaming. Play It Forward is our contribution to push the envelope between the current state and what's possible

Former banker turned crypto degen - blockchain technology is rewriting the rules of every meta game, including TradFi/banking, and I am continuously fascinated by the pace of change in the space

Founder, E-Memotics Pte Ltd

Alan Kueh

Alan Kueh is an Australian Architect, based in Singapore and leads an international award winning architecture firm that works with public listed developers in Malaysia & Japan for the past 10 years, Changi Airport Group, retails brands like Hermes & Tiffany&Co. As an architect & a builder that revolves around the community, he aims to help our community own their dream home, now in Web 3.0, a space for a more equitable society.
Investment Director, Arcane Group

Francois Zhang, CAIA FRM

Crypto / Web 3.0 investor.

Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)
Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

Contributor, CitaDAO

Joel L.

Real estate expert with more than 12 years experience in institutional real estate and structured $2 billion worth of real estate deals. He is determined to bridge together the real estate space and cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Co-Founder & President, Metanoia Country

Nickson Guay Seng Tiong

Nickson is a successful serial entrepreneur that has since stepped down from his (still profitable) multimillion portfolio of businesses - including a marketing agency, a technology consulting firm and an investment firm, which was developed over the past 10 years to build Metanoia full time.

He has a degree in Information Systems from Singapore University of Technology & Design, where he was a scholar specialised in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity. He is also a certified management consultant and data protection officer. He is an early investor and adopter of cryptocurrencies who bought his first bitcoin at $300 and first ETH at $11, owns a play to earn esports guild, and is an angel investor in a variety of companies including an agricultural technology firm, a gamefi SaaS company, and an educational technology startup.

Community & Operations Success, Ome NFT

Shannon Soh

Project Lead (The Tiger Archives & Digital Threads), Marketing & PR Manager (Pestle & Mortar Clothing)

Amelia Tan

Aside from being at the helm of Marketing & PR for Malaysian streetwear brand Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC), Amelia also leads the brand's Web3 endeavours. This encompasses The Tiger Archives – PMC's genesis NFT collection in collaboration with Tiger Beer, as well as Digital Threads – a one stop merchandise solution for Web3 brands.

Prior to fashion and Web3, Amelia was part of early stage global tech and eCommerce startups which sought to disrupt life as we know it. She was also the Deputy Chairperson of Young Corporate Malaysians, advocating for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

NFT Lead, Polygon

Luke Loo

A keen-learner who works well independently and within a team, possesses strong analytical skills to understand the intricacies of a company's operations while maintaining excellent interpersonal relationship building abilities.

Seeking for a challenging position to provide a high level of excellence and contribute to companys success through my competency, hard work and dedication.

Also an avid fan of NFTs, Blockchain Technology, DEX/CEX and anything to do with the Metaverse.

Content Creator, @thebuffessor

Akbar Ali Seth

Buffessor has been able to create a platform for himself across various social platforms. He is regarded as a thought leader and an influencer within the NFT gaming space.

He has been able to garner over 170k followers across his platforms and has even been featured on Channel News Asia about his journey in crypto games.

Content Creator, @ohsofickle

Tammy Tay

Tammy is an entrepreneur, content creator, crypto investor with 15 years of experience in the marketing and entrepreneurial field.

With a strong passion for making a positive impact in the crypto world, Tammy has founded an inclusive community where members grow together in the crypto and NFT world.

Having built multiple businesses, she has gained rich experiences in both entrepreneurship and networking, allowing her to build a strong foundation in curating revolutionary and impactful communities where opportunities are being unlocked.
She is responsible for directing the overall flow of TTTreasures, bringing it to greater prosperous heights.

Tammy started a Singapore community, TTTreasures - a bridge for the web 3.0 and in real life events where endless opportunities are available for everyone to seek. A great balance between web 3.0 and in real life exists within the community where members organise in real-life meetup sessions, workout sessions and even allowing them to enjoy in real life benefits!

The entire community promotes a holistic culture and it’s being diversified into many areas where the team and members would come together in web 3.0 and in real life, creating an organic growth within the community, turning it into a trustable, cohesive, and wholesome one!

Content Creator, @patrinechoo

Patrine Choo

Founder, Pandastic Media

Jaze Phua

Jaze is an Award-winning Creative Director/Animator responsible for directing the art and branding at Moonsie. He is the Founder/Creative Director at Pandastic Media and Moonlight Capital. His experience in creative directing for the past 9 years has been pivotal for Moonsie.

Moonsie is a Play-and-Earn battle royale game built on a decentralized network. The game features an in-game currency (MOONGEMS), governance opportunities, and a market of utility-rich NFT items, which all together create a beautiful online social game.

CEO of Zendyll Music, Creative Consultant for SweetJams

Jon Chua

Jon Chua JX is a member & Co-Founder of The Sam Willows, as well as Founder & CEO of Zendyll Music, a music agency that specialises in music production, A&R and cultural events.

In 2019, Jon made the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia List, and has won several music awards across the region. He recently took up the role of Creative Consultant for Web3.0 company SweetJams, focusing on integrating blockchain technology into the music and entertainment industry.